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My Black In 1974, I was 27, married 9 years, daughter Honey was 8, and I was in my 4th year at the Pa. Academy. Harry & I fought all the time.

My brother and sister-in-law posed for me in my Academy studio in '74.

children's art class I taught Art to children & adults in the 70s and 80s. I didn't love it. That's a woodcut.
erotic dream
Dream Sex Scene from about 1975 . I never knew exactly what it meant.
Painterjayne at 1982 Harpo 1982: Self-portrait before Brian's birth while I worked at Pennswood. I had just had major surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.
Painterjayne with lupus In 1987, I suddenly came down with migraines that joined the frequent bouts with nausea and dizziness I'd been experiencing. Later, joint and other pain joined my parade of symptoms. It took until 1993 to be diagnosed with Lupus and it was mostly my research in the library that did it. 
faeries The Faeries: 1985: That's me flying around my imaginary garden!
naked woman Naked Woman 1997.This was the first painting of many in rapid succession after I visited my old Art School roommate Dorinda who was painting in a tiny, tiny area. Dorinda inspired me.
birds The Birds: 97: My appreciation of daughter Honey's birds. Even bald T-Bird, the African Gray, is fun (if he doesn't bite you.) My Family in the 90s
The CardplayersMy family in 1997 . I wanted to express my affection for from the left: Cousin Jerry, daughter Honey, husband Harry, and son Brian. 
blue nude Blue Nude1998: Although I would be 10 inches taller and 100 pounds heavier and I did not intend for this to be me, it is.  I think  this in a sense, set the tone for the next couple of years. midnight snack Midnight Snack: 1999: Harry, Little Sammy, and I preparing to have a late-night repast. We never really looked like this, but I realized later I always painted myself with red hair and exaggerated Harry's overweight.
disco yentas
Disco Yentas: 1999: Multi Media: The first one of these I sold and I sold it right away from my website. 
Pepto Bismol PeptoBismol: 1999 : Multi-Media and named by my daughter Honey who loves it. I think it's a picture of self-healing and acceptance of the imperfections of love denoted by the little "Ls" in the heart.

mr. america 1958 Mr.America 1958: Mixed-Media: 1999: I love this guy and the rest of them. These guys kept me in stitches for years. 
afternoon idyll
Afternoon Idyll 1999: My reaction to S&M online: Popular in England but I've still got it. It keeps me smiling. 
ladies night out
Ladies Night Out: 1999: Uh Oh,
Disraeli Sings Opera: 1999: My sense of humor

Forgetful Executive: 2000: I sat and laughed the whole time while I was creating these. They were such fun.

South Philly Autumn:2000: In the larger file, you can see the funny touches on thise one. Harry grew up in South Philly and I spent a lot of time with him down there early in our marriage.

Alisha: 2000:A big beautiful painting of a very sexy lady I know who is not conventionally beautiful but she's always had tons of guys sniffing around.

Beaded Lady:2000: One of my favorite Rubenesque nudes and probably the first with a more youthful appearance.

Susan of the Spirits: 36 x 24", oil painting: 2001: Susan of the Spirits, 36 x 24", oils Susan was another artist who was heavily into spiritual pursuits. I visited her studio & came home & painted this.

2 Studs: 2001
 The Sass
Check the eyes 
See the fire below 
The realist 
Lights brightly inside 
The sassy lady with the depth of a mind 
burning with thought 
and a piss and vinegar style 
Walk away! 
Walk away! 
She'll eat your heart 
and melt your butter 
and leave you limp 
and in love... 
By Harry Martin Polis about Jaynee after 38 years of marriage
Cousin Jerry and my son Brian. 2000 Watercolor/Pastel This was my first portrait in pastels and I'm very happy with it. I feel as though I'm chronicling the pictorial history of the people I love too. My beloved cousin passed away in 2006, breaking my heart.
My Sweet Jeanette: 2000: Oils: Brian's old girlfriend Jeanette, lived with us for a year and remains close to our hearts. Miami Moon : 2000:oill: 40 x 30":
Beauty Overload
2002 Vacation at the Eastern Shore

Grief: 2002: Watercolor/Pastel:A cousin died and nobody contacted me. I was terribly hurt. 
A: 2002: My first male nude model: 2002: Although I nearly threw up because I was so upset, this was a good start. Frolicking: 2002: Rehobeth Beach: Watercolor/Pastel: I started doing fast drawings of everything & adding color later.
Reader:2002: That's me, reading, which I still do. Toronto Women:2002 :On our trip to Toronto, people couldn't pose for me enough. It was so nice!
Picnic Dancers:2002: watercolor/pastel: I did this after making three new friends, Poco, Theresa, and Tye who all have made a big impression on me! Poco is my Domina, Tye is my very wise girlfriend, and Theresa and I have wonderful discussions. Friendship is from God. Beautiful Tye: 2002: oils: Tynishia and I became friends during this painting. She is one of the wisest most intelligent people I have the honor to know.
Listening to the Fiddler, 2003, Watercolor/Pastel: I love drawing my animals and rather than drawing the model in my living room, I drew the dog because he was mesmerized by the violin playing. Sunglasses, 2003, Watercolor/Pastel: M, my beautiful red-headed model.
Alexis: 2003  2003: Port Orford Oregon: one of my favorite places
Port Orford Oregon: 2003:  One of my favorite places
Sienna:2003: I found I love to draw/paint cds. Two Women, 9 x 12, Watercolor/Pastel, 2002
Officer and Mrs. Polis: 2003: In the back, you can see erotic artwork, but there's Harry protecting his wild and crazy wife, making sure I stay safe and pure. The Wringing of the Hands2003: These are pictures I've done when Harry has given me a hard time. 
Ah, M...2003: My favorite male model...

2003: This is how I feel when I'm away from Harry. 

blonde Blonde: Mixed-Media::2003: I guess this means I'm satisfied with my life and am reasonably happy with my Rubenesque body.
2003: Artist Domme: Mixed-Media: Right now, that's Me. , My palette and brush are in hand... Port Orford Mountains Port Orford Mountains and Ocean:2003 We visited my brother at his house on the Oregon Coast. He's lucky I didn't refuse to leave like I wanted.
Kim 2004: Kim: Mixed Media: Having a great time with crossdressers! I love the juxtaposition of the male/female stuff. Sienna Sitting 2004: Sienna: My friend Sienna has been wonderful.
Rev. Ernest Greenwood Lorie's nephews Master and Slave
2004: Still doing commissioned Portraits
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